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Where Is The Galactic Marine Corps?

This is the Galactic Marine from the original Battlefront II


Anyone whose played the original BFII remembers these awesome looking chain gun wielding super soldiers. We remember that time we got the Galactic Marine and dominated the battle with his chain gun whilst hopping in and out of his TX-130 assault tank. Given the latest updates to the game announced, the new BFII will feature the TX-130 and the droideka, all that's missing now from the old BFII is the Galactic Marine's. In short, I suggest just another skin for the Galactic Republic troopers. There's no need for the chain gun to be added (in my opinion) because that would require too much work and personally I just really want to rock the crimson red look of the Galactic Marine's whilst knocking over some battle droids. I hope someone sees this and agrees that BFII won't be complete without this iconic unit being somehow added to the new and improved BFII.

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