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December CC

Jango fett idea

Jango is one of my all time favorite Star Wars characters and I would love to see him in game, Iv watched a few hero concepts for him and like bits from each
Ability one saber dart
Jango has up to 3 darts that he can shoot from his gauntlet, these do damage over time and can stack for a damage increase
Ability two marksman
Jango can lock 2 targets, one with each blaster and fire at them for a short time (similar to fins deadeye) in my opinion I feel that this ability will discourage 2v1 or more thus making the current thing in hvv where one team splits the other and then proceeds to dominate them for the rest of the game, having a hero to counter that would make a formidable enemy,
Ability three jet pack missile
Jango leans forward and shoots a high damage missile from his jet pack which can be guided, not to drastically by altering his aim.

I understand that having 2 jet pack hero’s in a game would be a nightmare so maybe have a system like in hero starfighters with the different versions of the Falcon, meaning you can have Jango OR Boba but never both,


  • I agree, I do think that one of his abilities should involve his flamethrower though. Perhaps giving it a lingering effect on the environment with star cards that give it a longer lasting time. That way he has a unique feel to him and allow him to retreat and block himself off if he needs to or create temporary chokepoints.
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