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November Community Calendar

We want skins

I think everyone was surprised about the appearance of the two new clone skins in the June update (droidekas), and I think they're both great, but I'm pretty sure people would've liked the 212th airbone trooper instead of the ARF one.

I mean, sure, it's hard to please everyone, but people have been asking for it since the 91st got it's unique helmet (please get rid of the specialist's visor I wanna see the helemet D:), and they're still waiting.

But my pont with this isn't (mainly) about clone skins. Some people (around a third part of the player base) are getting tired of Clone Wars stuff: it's not because it isn't cool, it is because other eras in the game exist, and searching for a game and finding Yavin 4 in GA (which was imo the best map on release) now doesn't feel that great because it hasn't been any different for a year now. No new skins, vehicles, weapons or reincforcements for any faction (excepting prequel ones). Also, the CIS didn't even get a single skin (excepting hero skins).

I don't like wishlisting, but I think if we should give priority to new skins added, it should look (imo) like this:

(0). Being able to chose your trooper's gender when playing as a rebel, resistance, imperial or first order soldier

1. Imperial skins: armor variants (shore/shadow/shock/scout trooper and armored/uniform imperial officer), helmet on/off, face, etc. - similar to 2015

2. Requested hero skins: Luke, Maul, Kylo, Chewie (we all wanna run across the battlefield with C3PO on our back), Finn, Phasma, etc.

3. Reinforcement skins: BX commandos (seen in TCW with different paintjobs), ARC troopers (TCW too), jet/rocket troopers (adding airborne troopers for the clone ones, being able to change the rebel/resistance's face, colors on the imperial one), B2 droids (which could get some custom paintjobs) and B2-RP ones (which have to variants in TCW, the standart white-painted and a bigger red-painted version)

4. Droid skins: we got plenty of skins for clones in March, why not doing the same with droids? There's plenty of droid paintjobs in TCW, and, same as the clones, some custom ones could be added. Some might argue that each droid class (assault, heavy, spec, etc.) has it's own color (yellow/officer, red/spec), but they could simply do it sticking to a color code (for example blue for assault only, white/black for heavy as it has a darker tone, yellow for officer and red for specialist)

5. Rebel/Resistance skin revamp: we already had a lot of clone skins before the March update, but they revamped them all and added plenty of variants (which is really cool), so, what if we could be able to play as any face/species with any class? I think it's a pretty easy way to add some new skins to those factions, and a quick solution to the request of being able to pick a gender. Maybe some new species could drop with that skin revamp (like male twi'lek, female rodian, light-skinned zabrak, etc.)
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