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How to Get a Good Team!?

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How does this game decide teams!? I’m literally 1st most of my rounds when on a decent to good team. However, I only ever get one game in on an actual good team in HvV before it throws me back to the terrible team. It’s so annoying, I shouldn’t have to lose 6 rounds just to finally get placed on a team with skilled players. Smh. This game is so irritating. Anyone else have this problem? It’s ridiculous. Are they figuring out a better algorithm?
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  • i hear you... i play mostly cargo.. and i fell like im playing sometimes me vs 6 ... and when finally at least we are 3 good in a team... next game im with all the rookies.

    its soo annoying specially when your team mate is shooting at you !.. or the roof...

    slow dead to this game...
  • You may be going up against a group/party, in such instances
    My name is Bob

  • im having the same problem
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