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Please fix the Campaign

81 posts Member
edited June 11

Please fix the Campaign mode. The Star Cards are still bugged, the lag seems even worse, and the load time is three times as long as it was a couple weeks ago.

I’m on a PS4, hardwired to my wifi.

Thanks for listening,



  • TMal
    1 posts Member
    On PS4 also. PS4 pro even and I'm having same exact issues. Even longer load times, lagging in campaign, and ofcourse the star cards not equipping in campaign mode. Which pretty much makes the campaign UNPLAYABLE in my opinion. Especially in the late missions as it gets harder you need to be able to switch cards to better suit, not only the situation your playing in.. but to suit your own play style as well. I thought forsure this would be fixed with patch 1.33 but guess not..... once again I wont touch this stupid game again until you fix this problem EA.......
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