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Reminder: Had Hardcore mode to Battlefront II

The title is self-explanatory.

Seriously, I'm done with bullet sponges, give me some closer to tactical realism gameplay.

Dice always, most of the time, gave the players the choice to play their own way ingame (it is the Battlefield and Battlefront mantra) either on foot or in a vehicle, close range/long range, etc...

So why not give the Hardcore mode setting back? Gameplay wise it will be closer to what is seen in the movies and more immersive, authentic just as having a Helmet visor hud in first person view for troopers wearing a helmet and droids.


  • It would be interesting to see something like this added to the game, especially if friendly fire is involved. Friendly fire would at least make people think real hard on where they shoot their weapons or throw/launch explosives. Not to mention, MAYBE add an ammo system for explosives so that people stop barraging hallways with 20 grenades or maybe wasting one piece of ordinance on one player.
  • and add hero and weapons era/faction lock and you got me in.
  • That would be my dream too.

    I've always played Battlefield 3 and 4 in Hardcore mod, for many years.
    That what made me keep playing BF actually : the realism gameplay
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