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Battle Point Event
Focused Feedback

Make Hero Starfighter like HvV

Can you change the format for Hero Starfighters to be like the current Hero’s v Villains?
Currently, we can wait 5mins for a game (wait for teams to assemble and people dropping out between rounds) and then if we die within seconds of starting we have to play as a non-hero!
Make HS like HvV. Two teams, continue fighting till one team scores 10 kills - no delays if one team is not balanced. Only hero ships.
Also, allow all 3 Millenium Falcons to fly at same time - at the moment there is a scrabble to get one of these.
Lastly, some hero ships are hard to kill (especially for newbies) so every 2 mins have a flight of computer controlled bombers fly through. Each bomber destroyed is worth 1/2 point


  • I agree with you, it would be very nice, I think it would be play it more than now.
    TK-421 Why aren't you at your post?
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