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Maul's Accelerated Throw Card is useless still.

75 posts Member
Why the hell did you lowered the damage from 30 to 20? With that star card he could kill a heavy on the way back with a saber throw. Now you leave him with 10 health? WTF? Why make that card useless? At least up the damage to 25 so Maul's throw can deal 200 damage flat with 2 hits. Or just make his throw do 80 base damage.

You do realize you just killed the fun of building a hero to make him feel somewhat different from other players using the same hero? I was willing to trade my Saber Defense card or Fool me Once for Accelerated throw and 2-shot heavies. Why have star cards at all if 90% of them are useless?

And also, his push, why 77 damage? Who's comming up with this random numbers?
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