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Hey everyone, I have been with this game since day 1 launch. I play it almost nightly and know everything to know about it. So I can say with respect that I have some authority to say what I feel should be changed since I’ve literally spent a good chunk of my life with this beautiful game.

HvV Changes

Anakin- With his new Nerfs, Anakin is functionally useless in some situations. While he is still very strong, and quite dangerous in the hands of veteran players, it is all too common for Anakin to be overpowered by the sheer speed and strength of Kylo, or the Tankyness of Vader. Since his Nerf some underlying problems with Anakin have shown, and they really make the character less fun to play as, and not just because he gets less kills, but because his character has become rather Tanky, and not in the way Vader is.
The first issue being Anakins attack animations which at his launch were affixed to match his heavier damage. Now some of his animations take a full second to render, and most especially his lunge swing can leave him open for a full 2 seconds of gameplay where he can’t even dash cancel out. To balance this I suggest we take his animations and speed them up to compensate for the damage reduction. If he was slower because he was stronger, now that he is weaker he should be able to go a bit faster during those longer animated moves. His regular swings are fine, but his lunges and some of his spins are very long animations that lead to him losing fights against anyone who knows what they’re doing.
Anakin is also one of the only heroes that needs almost a full second or half second of time out of combat to activate his moves.
Constantly his Passionate Strike is interrupted by a palpatine, or is choked by Vader or is generally interrupted. This move is extremely situational, and is so hard to get that it could either be compensated by adding a lunging range to the move, making the hits more consistent, or by making the damage much more making a successful swing much more useful. At the moment this move is very situational but functionally useless outside of special occasions.
Heroic Might is a great ability, but it now seems more useless than Lukes Repulse. This is simply because Luke’s repulse is far less prone to interruption, as where Heroic Might cannot even be activated unless you dash out of combat. It can be used when you have a moment of space, but generally speaking the move can be interrupted by almost every villain. I suggest changing The move so it cannot be interrupted or at least that the move shouldn’t be auto canceled upon taking damage before the first animation completes.
His Pull dominance is okay, but being static when using it is more a hinderance than a unique quality. If you don’t wanna make it usable in the air, at least make it usable while running, or something that would add to the already very limited mobility in comparison to other heroes.

Fine just add more skins please.

Honestly I think people miss the Auto-Lock.

Kinda overpowered but I don’t have many complaints. As long as you know what you’re doing he is an easy mark.

Don’t change anything.

Kinda useless atm, maybe change his blaster damage up

She is fine for the moment

Actually also perfect

Please extend the deadeye ability time to compensate for bobas new mobility buff

His Mind trick seems to take too long but it’s not too bad

Honestly I hate the new mobility changes, but I understand why they’re there.

Always been fine

Honestly his stamina still seems so low, and it seems like his hit box is smaller than other Saber villains.

Sidious ability interruption is quite annoying, and his consistent jumping is pretty annoying as well, yet coming from a player who does exactly that when playing Emperor I do get it. Nothing should change he is fine as he is. Maybe make his damage a little more. Again making someone like Anakin more mobile and Finn more useful would compensate for Emperor and Vader getting a buff

Every game I have played since they added the block I make it top 3 in the leaderboard. Make his Saber throw damage increased please. It seems like a toothpick thrown at a wall.

Best villain in the game do not change

Her shock drone seems a little useless now, still good but more situational. All in all not a bad change.

She’s ok. Maybe more blaster damage less shock duration on the drone making people who play her less campy and more mobile.

He’s good the way he is

Count Dooku
His base Saber animations seem quite slow, compared to his duelist stance. This leads to many deaths as Dooku when his overhead slashes and such animate too long compared to Rey who has side slashes that actually seem to cover a wider hit box.

Hope some of these changes are made 👍🏻😁

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