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Reason why they wont reduce min number of players for GA

This topic adheres to all of the EA SWBF2 forum rules and regulations!!

There is a big deceptive issue here that is trying to be thrown over the community.

They wont reduce min number of players for GA, reason being they said in the latest patch notes
"They want the community to remain passionate"...

What this really means is once player base drops sufficiently (e.g a new EA release) the game will die as you'll never get that amount of players again.

EA wish they had this feature in BF4, as the game is still currently going strong even 4 years on, Which lowers their forced sale figures for BF1 and BF5. haha This is totally not cool...
So sad, its better to make 1 game great rather than try to limit its potential early on. Hence why no server browsers.

There are so many easy ways to overcome this, but i will leave it up the the community who paid for the game to leave their feedback.

Thank you
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