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Battle Point Event
Focused Feedback

All my Ideas: New Heroes, Nerfs and Buffs, Weapons, Maps, Elites, Skins/Customization and more

So this is gonna be long-ish, I just wanted to slap all my Ideas into a single Suggestion. If you can't be ***** reading all of it I'll leave a list at the bottom

New Heroes:
When it comes to Heroes I don't care about the abilities. However, I do want to see more characters in the game. I think the priority should be Ashoka and Ventress since we've wanted them for SOOOOOOOOOO long now. You know the other thing people have been screaming about since launch? Capital Rex and Commander Cody. I completely Disagree with this. Instead of adding a thousand clone trooper heroes why not just add a single generic Clone Trooper Hero with different Skins that are the Clones we want. for example these skins could be Rex, Cody, Bly, Gree and Trauma just to name a few. The other Idea I had was Padme and Jango Fett. Now I know what your thinking "Oh God not another annoying flying character" and I totally agree so just make him a skin for Boba (Please).

Things are pretty stable at the moment however when I see others playing Phasma and when I play Phasma myself its just painful. Her abilities are really cool but she's a little... bad. Shes a Tank that shoots peas I mean come on. Buffing her Gun just a little bit would make her perfect

Anikin, shut up he reks all day long. from what I've seen.

There just aren't enough guns. I can't put it any differently. Bring back the older weapons that we saw in SWBF 2015 along with other new weapons. One thing I really wanna see back is the A-180.

We're getting Felucia and Naboo in Capital Supremacy soon which is gonna be dope. Yet I still miss Coruscant from the old days. Other map suggestions are I want to see is Umbara, Utapau, Rython (ground) along with Scarif and other OT maps that we never got to see brought back. Also I'd expect that with the Episode 9 coming out there would be new maps for that.

New Elites:
So far so good. We're getting droidekas and I've fallen in love with the Infiltrators. But I'm missing the Commandos. Now before I go on a rant about something we all agree with, how about Magma Guards? I don't know who else wants them but I for sure do. They don't need guns and they're not a priority. Jedi could take the place of the Light side version no matter the Era and with Jedi:Fallen Order coming out the Empire could have those swingy inquisitors from that. The Fallen I mean... New Order could have those chunky stick things that we see Finn fight in EP 7.


Heroes and Villains:
Boba, Bossk, Vader?, Palpatine? Maul, Finn and Phasma only have there base skin. And yes some of these guys don't really wear anything but that but there's always Battle Damaged armour right? Luke, Yoda and Iden only have 2 Skins. Luke is a main character and Yoda is heavily influential in both the OT, PT and the animated series. but they have 2 skins... like come on.

Current Clone Elites are well... Basic. They're only in one color and yes that color is fine and looks good I still want to see skins for those elites and with Droidekas taken the place of the normal B2 I'd like Clone Commandos to do the same with the Wookies.

Basic Troopers:
With the new skins coming out this month, we can confirm that we're going to be seeing different armour for our clone troopers. I still really want to see the 212th Airborne clones that we see in EP 3 on Utapau. I mean look at them there just so cool. The thing is there are just no more cannon legions I can think off that we NEED in the game. But Mace Windu's purple boiz would look pretty cool

Throughout the Clone Wars TV show we see clones across the galaxy change there helmets up. So why can't we do the same? I'd love to wear the Waxer or Boils Helmet instead of the normal 212th helmet. What would be even better is if DICE made it so that we could design our own helmets! (But i can see why they wouldn't and I think we all know why...). The other thing is Helmet/Shoulder markings, In Star Wars the Clone Wars we see Fives wearing a special Shoulder Pad on his right arm, the shoulder pad has heavy's gun on it. So it makes total sense to have changeable shoulder pads.

Why isn't there a discord for STBF 2017?!?!?

New Gamemodes:
Currently there are 10 different gamemodes at a time (Ewok Hunt switching round with other modes) But I do miss the good old Cargo from the STBF 2015. Not this Jetpack cargo stuff just a basic Cargo game that I can always play with maybe 2 elites per team at a time and even that is a big fat maybe. It was just fun. A classic 5v5 Defend and Attack game that I loved playing with my mates and now its gone (kind of). Also add ground to air to ground combat again like in the original games that needs no further explanation. The other thing that I want to see is the online games brought to Private or Offline matches. Sometimes sitting with your friends and doing crazy silly stuff is the way to go.

What do you guys think?


Heroes and Villians:
- Ahsoka
- Ventrees
- Padme
- Jango
- Customize-able Clone Hero

- Phasmas pea gun

- Anikin?

- just add as many as you can

- Coruscant
- Umbara
- Utapau
- Ryloth
- EP 9 Maps
- Scarif and other OT maps from STBF 2015

- Commandos as Enforcer/Wookie "Skin"
- Magma Guard/Jedi/Fallen Order Inquisitor Thingy/First Order Trooper with Stick thing

- New Skins for Boba, Bossk, Vader?, Palpatine? Maul, Finn and Phasma since they only have there normal one at the moment
- More skins for Luke and Yoda
- Battle Damaged Skins for Darth Vader
- Commando Skin for Enforcer
- 212th Airborne Clone Troopers
- Mace Windus Boyz
- Different Clone trooper Helmets
- Helmet Markings

New Gamemodes
- Bring back old ground to air combat from the original games
- Basic Cargo from STBF 2015
- Private matches
- Bring Online Gamemodes to Arcade


What do you guys want to see in the future of SWBF 2017
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