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Complaint on hvv matchmaking

Started the match 3 vs 4, all decent players
My team got behind quickly
My team got the final player mid way
The final player has zero kill

Matchmaking has always been very unfair from my own experience, can developers tell us how it is implemented (in the case if someone plays the game a lot but isn’t extremely skilled at it)?

If the system deems I’m so good to match me with unskilled players then my win-loss records should be close to 50% right (Or 60/40%, who cares)? But most of the time my team got beat up badly.

Can developers tell us what’s the guideline for a “fair matchmaking”? Are there instances where the math is correct but resulted in a loss time after time?

For example, 4 players with strength of 100 each adding up to 400 (I don’t know how your algorithm defines strength). If my team’s players are 200+100+80+20, my experience is that this is basically a 4 vs 3 situation.

Most of the time, I think it’s more like opposing team 120+120+100+100 vs my team 120+100+50+20.

If I’m good I should match up with lesser players, if I’m bad I should match up with good players, either way the results hopefully should be a bell curve of 50%. Why do I lost so much more than I won?

If given a certain set of random players I’ll always get a bad matchup, if I keep playing with the same set of players, will I always get a bad matchup? If that’s the case then my chances of winning is only dependent of who are the random players I play with.

What if the matchmaking algorithm produce unfair matching for a certain player profile much more often than it should?


  • It's disappointing to see there are no replies to your thread, but i'm not surprised. More time and effort goes into designing Dooku's new Pyjamas than actually fixing the fundamentals of the game. The sheer amount of updates, patches; christ, it should be called Star Wars: Garbage Patch Years.

    Yeah it looks great, the sounds are great, but Matchmaking in HvV! Pfffft.

    I'd love to know how they go about making 'Fix's'. Like, who are they listening to anyway? Where is the 'Complain/Moan' button situated? Who are the voices of change in here?

    Still over 2 years in....(Jeeez sounds like A LONG LONG Time Ago in a Forum Far far Away)....... and I'm still waiting for the Daily Crate to be Auto Added on Log In. Still waiting for the Next Map to be shown on HvV Character Selection page. Still waiting for a Click When Ready to play button so I can go for a wee wee between games or grab a cuppa.!!! Still waiting for a Fair rotating Character Selection instead of the 1st person with the quickest finger or best connection get's the character they want. These things are the basics!!!

    I stick with it coz I love SW. Not the Game, but the Saga. The games makes me sad mostly. HvV is a bit of a joke. No In Game Chat coz it's Disney????? It should be a 15 anyway!!! Guns, Killing, Lightsabers.. It's not for kids ffs! I want to scream and shout at my team. I want to intimidate them into action or ridicule their cowardice. I want them to know the Universe is a violent place.

  • I completely agree with you guys. They also recently changed the amount of switching between characters you have to do when you die. I just created a post if you would like to see it I attached the link. Please add in if you agree
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