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Ideas for more balanced content in future...

Hello. This is my first post on this website, so if there is somewhere else this should be posted, please tell me.
Does anyone have any cool or fun ideas for OT and ST maps, heroes or other content? I'm getting burned out on the Clone Wars era and I just want some more variation...
GA maps:
Some kind of ship map such as Tantive IV or Star Destroyer, where empire/rebels board a ship and have to bomb strategic points and then escape before the ship is destroyed.
Bespin (Cloud City) - it was in the 2015 game and the first one, why isn't there one here? Obvious city sky-racing for fighters, while AT-ST's and RT's can fight it out in the streets with snipers raining lasers from upon high.
Sullust - Rebels can take out an Imperial tank facility, with lava flowing onto the map slowly but surely until the rebels run out of reinforcements (like Crait's final point but more deadly)
Scarif - Can just be copied straight from the film, X-Wings speeding along the ocean fighting TIE's while U-Wing transports attempt to retrieve rebels from the ground before AT-AT's close in. Rebel's objective is to hold off the AT-AT's as long as they can.
Corellia - Rebels have to sabotage an imperial shipyard. Empire has to hold out until ships can escape. Can have things like defensive AT-AT objectives that the rebels have to kill (Stationary AT-AT with ion cannons at set locations) or SAM turrets to hack.
Again, Resistance transport crashes into an Imperial dreadnaught during a battle, and must fight their way out! Could have areas of the ship falling apart and fires raging in the tight corridoors while more open areas in a hanger or hyperdrive room.
Whatever's in the next film - That one planet with the crashed death star on? You'd have to wait until December to figure out some kind of map design but it's probably going to be in the game similarly to Crait with TLJ update.
Canto Bight - First Order raids the casino! Stakes are high and chips fly, when the Resistance's contact within the Casino's cover gets blown and the Resistance occupies the Casino while help arrives. No one likes this planet because of the films, but who liked Felucia before it had a cool BF2 map?
Tuanul - First Order raids the village. Could be similar to Mos Eisley however on wider, more spread out scale. Wide open fields between objectives with little valleys to take cover from Specialists in, leading all the way up to the village at the end.

Starfighter assault maps:
Scarif - Again, can just copy the film - Rebels have to take out the shield generator, trying several things before escorting a Crusier to ram the shield.
Corellia - Another theme of the shipyard sabotage, with rebels committing a sneak attack outside of the planet, trying to take down a new capital ship.
Corusant - Rebels want to invade Corusant after the Empire falls in order to restore the Republic, but first they have to push through the citadel defenses around the planet. A change of pace from "take out a star destroyer"
Crait - First Order attacks the transports, or Poe takes on the dreadnaught. Or both.
Death Star - The hardest to pull off, but also the most rewarding. Destroying surface turrets with Y-wings, pushing through the trenches, before firing off a proton-torpedo at the end (or several)
Hoth - The empire tries to stop rebel transports from leaving the planet, while the rebel's AA cannon on the planet deals heavy damage to star destroyers. Can start with the rebels on the defensive but quickly shift into the rebels on the assault, trying to take out the capital ship.

Blast/Extraction maps:
Canto Bight's casino, Sullust's factory, Corellia's shipyard, etc etc. Pretty much every map above could be converted into a blast.

Any other ideas?


  • They need to add the blocking of Obi Wan and Rey mind tricks they are unable to be blocked so this creates a OP duo
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