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Lightsaber blocking glitch in 2015

I know this game is no longer supported but just wondering if this is a common issue. Not really in the mood for playing walker assault or any of the other online modes right now. So I decided I would mow down some rebels as Darth Vader in the hero only missions.

I start the mission all is going smoothly. Then next thing you know Darth Vader's block stops working. Not even the blocking stamina was popping up. He would hold up his lightsaber like he was blocking but none of the laser bolts where being deflected back at the enemy & was just going through the lightsaber.

I tried blocking multiple times and it was still glitched got it working after 3 or 4 times of trying to block. Then his block became broken again. So I quit the mission somewhat out of rage & uninstalled the game & reinstalling it to see if maybe that would help.

Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone had lightsaber blocking not work in the 2015 version. Like if it's a common issue or a fix or a solution to get it working again?

P.S. know the bug is more than 100% not going to get fixed at this point but eh was a bit frustrating when your somewhat already having a bad day lol.


  • Iceninja
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    I hope this glitch did not some how originate from Star Wars Battlefront 2. I have not seen this glitch yet though, which could be because I rarely play Star Wars Battlefront 1.
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