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Felucia Transmission
No Match for a Good Blaster


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You guys seriously released a patch and didnt fix the issue with the star cards not equipping in campaign mode. Every single time you go to equip a star card then after you hit back to go back the star card disappears and says there is no card equipped. PLEASE FIX THIS IN THE NEXT PATCH OR I SWEAR ILL NEVER PLAY THIS GAME AGAIN AS IT WILL BE BROKEN INTO PIECES ON MY FLOOR AND TREATED LIKE THE PILE OF JUNK THAT IT IS. ***** you EA you honestly suck so bad. You need to sell your rights to the star wars name and let someone else take over. I'm so sick of your stupid ***** and your terrible games. STICK TO SPORTS GAMES AND LEAVE OUR STAR WARS ALONE! QUIT RUINING EVERYTHING YOU TOUCH!!!


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