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Petition for some offline dlc content

Unsure if anyone tried this before but trying to see if Id get any support from the forums if I made one. I believe 100000 signatures would be required within 30 days to gain attention. I would propose one last update to 2015 to get the walker assault maps from bespin and scarif offline, battle station from deathstar offline and one map from the outer rim dlc offline no preference. With also the ability to play as your customized avatar on offline skirmish. Probably wont happen but if there was enough support who knows, some people havent been able to play the dlc content and I think this is just necessary.


  • Scumbagmarty
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    edited June 18
    The link
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  • Great idea and worth a try. I have signed this morning.
  • EA_Rtas
    1709 posts EA Moderator
    As I said in the other thread on this, petitions either for positive or negative reasons aren't permitted on the forums so I'm closing this thread and removing the link. If you have any questions you can DM me.
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