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Your Top Issues



  • Laser921
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    Hey @F8RGE if the clones are getting a proper tank, can the idea of pulling the AAC-1 tank from BF2005 too for Rebels? I know its not canon, at least for now, but the rebels should have a better armor unit, the AT-RT is weak and the speeder is kinda tame
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  • F8RGE wrote: »
    Just a quick one this. We're currently working through our backlog and was wanted to get your insight.

    If you could list your top 5 issues that you experience or quality of life changes you'd like to see, what would they be?

    1) Matchmaking system/Private matches. Can't even begin to tell you how hard it is to squad up in GA/CS without all sorts of issues when greened up. And trying to get even just 2v2 or 4v4 matches with friendds is a hassle and a chore. Must be some way of easily doing this. Even simple things like if you have an 8 player group you can search for HvV and it will randomise 4 of you on each team.

    2) Lack of a stats screen. Seriously this is the only FPS title I've ever played without a stats screen. Even BF2015 had one, how is this not in the game?

    3) Vehicles. Speeders and ATST's especially. Completely unbalanced and when players make it their duty to hunt down heroes with a cheap vehicle it ruins the experience. They're too cheap and the Laser Barrage/Anti Vehicle Missile can basically one shot most heroes.

    4) More weapons for the base classes. Using the same 4 weapons for 18 months straight now has been very boring, especially when each class has 1 stand out weapon that most people use (A280, TL-50, SE-44C, NT-242). It would be nice to see much more variety in the weapon choices.

    5) Lightsaber combat is still a massive work in progress. Saber lock is still an issue and it makes it hard to dodge out of the way of swing spammers which ruins the smoothness and feel of a duel. Improvements to this will drastically improve players experience, especially in HvV/HS.
  • Billkwando wrote: »
    Give us a Hayden Christensen skin for Anakin

    That Matt Lanter skin not doing it for you? :p

    Nope 😂
  • Alex64
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    There isn't a proper character customization.
  • Colin777
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    edited June 2019
    Fix lightsbaer combat
    (i hate the stupid rubber-banding)

    Be more creative when adding things to the game you guys are being lazy when creating heroes and infantry like using recycled abilities for force users and different types of electrocution items for blaster heroes and reinforcments (make something new and creative for once)

    Ive noticed you guys are more involved with the community keep it up its great

    Do whats in the best interest of the community and set aside your own personal opinions for the better of the majority

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