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Geonosis is garbage

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That is all!


  • Personally, I like GA version of Geonosis - very movie-like feeling, also just awesome with the AT-TEs dropping down right next to you and being interactable and moveable freely.

    The CS map I do not like very much either
  • It isn’t my favorite map but i never felt it was bad.
  • CS mode is more small than GA.

    Geonosis (GA) is good map but unbalanced.

    Phase 2 & 3 are very very difficult for the CIS.

    The clones only must attack to normal units. But the droids divide resources, some droids defend and others must attack the AT-TEs.

    My solution: heavy CIS units that do a big damage to the AT-TE. For example: OG-9 and Dwarf Spider droid controlable and with more healthy.

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    This is a non- constructive thread. If you don't like the map then explain why and maybe share your thoughts how to improve it.

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