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No Match for a Good Blaster

DC-15LE Is Complete Trash!!!

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edited June 22
DICE, you nerfed this weapon to total uselessness. I tried to stay with it, but there are so many negatives I just finally gave up on it.
  • Explosive Shot does nothing. The TL-50 does twice as much damage. If you're not going to give it a slight buff just remove the mod and replace it with something else.
  • Pressing to have the DC-15LE go into cool down takes twice as long as any other weapon. Why is it so damn slow? After taking 5-6 shots I press to reset the weapon and it takes like 3 seconds. Its better to just have it always go into overheat than to take a few shots.
  • Overheats way too fast compared to it's damage output. I can shoot the hell out of an enemy and it always goes into overheat just when I need 1 last shot for the kill.
  • Explosive Shot deals damage to the wielder. This is stupidest idea ever, because you're limited on where you can use the weapon. It can't be used in the hallways on Theed, because the rest of the team causes splash back damage from how confined the area is. Then there are times when somebody on your squad is an[removed], who spawns and run straight into your line of fire causing Explosive Shot to deal damage to yourself. No other explosive firearm does this, so why does this weapon have it? It makes no sense!

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  • LexRage
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    I have to agree. That blaster was my favourite before, now I just stick with the TL-50. I have the feeling I always overheart when I use it, without dealing good enough damages.
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