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What is the high DPS best class for my playstyle?

I'm pretty new to the game, and I've heard that officer is the best class. However, idk if my playstyle fits the officer's role. I like to just go into the fight and get kills. I played aerial a lot but I'm wondering if there's a better class/hero that can fit my playstyle.


  • CypressHorn
    310 posts Member
    edited June 23
    If not going for battlepoints,
    Officer with SE-44 with auto mod, disruptor, IBC (or recharge command), resourceful can be good up close.
    Assault with A280 or CR, Assault training, toughen up, and resourceful, marksman, survivalist, or improved grenade work
    Heavy with TL50, improved combat shield, bodyguard, survivalist is a tanky build or ICS with marksman, expert training for longer fire fights.
    Specialist with A280CFE, scrambler infiltration (or hardened), stealth, and either resourceful, marksman, expert weapons training, or bubble. This build is more dps without giving your position away, while also letting you and your team know the enemy's position.

    I like aerial for maneuvering on open maps, but it is more hit and move. Takes practice but can mow down troopers when workingpop. With a little help, can take down heroes.

    Absolutely love the Death Trooper in modes without heroes.

    Infiltrators are hardy up close and can do dps.

    For heroes, sounds like saber for up close. I like Kylo, Grevious, Anakin, and Yoda. Bossk is nice as well as long as you avoid Anakin's pull.
  • OcDoc
    1984 posts Member
    Officer has really weak guns till you get to the third one or higher and then they are pretty great.

    You don’t give a lot of detail, but I think Assault class is probably your main. Their second weapon with burst fire is pretty solid. Gonna have to grind past the first couple pea shooters for them all though.

    Try them all except specialist based on what you are saying. And even with specialist, their 3rd weapon is awesome as an assault weapon. You just might not like the road you have to travel as a specialist/sniper.
  • Cane_danko
    1247 posts Member
    I stick with assault and heavy now mostly. I used to play officer but it got kind of boring.
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