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Forest of Endor

Join me n my men of the 501 legion

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Rules of the military might of our 501 legion
1) No Abuse to anyone, we are all brothers. **"“Look around. We’re one and the same. Same heart, same blood.” – Fives"**

2) No spamming any type of content in the chats (Text, Images and other content.)

3) No racial / 18+ / Offensive language here.

4) No promoting unless requested from staff

5) 13+ of age.

__**GT / Name change rules**__

This is for the more dedicated and competitive players.

As the 501 is a clan but also a group of players who simply love the 501 we have a name system for players who want to change their name and receive a number.
The number system is built by myself and LT Visual and can only be given out by myself and LT Visual, the numbers are your birth number in the unit and are special so if you do request then please be patience as its not a simple task that can be done in 5 minutes.

Rules on applying for a number / GT Change

GamerTags must be the following:

-CT (Number given) (Name the player has chosen)
CT 0600 Sinker

-Please make sure you don't put your name in Full caps and only the start of your name.

- Names can be anything as long as its sensible, names can be from other clones or star wars characters but understand even though the numbers don't match or anything that this unit isn't canon or trying to based of anything from canon despite the units name 501 and things based around it.

- Before even changing your GT you must request it or we wont archive your name.
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