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December CC

Heroes worst gameplay mechanics of all time

The hero mechanics in this game is so hilarious poorly designed that it comes across as an after-thought. I know they added some features to prevent ''attack spamming''. But its still basically just spamming left click in heroes v villain. Whoever starts attacking the other wins first.

Its basically just try to zerg one player by going 2/3/4v1 as the gameplay style requires absolutely 0 skill unless its a duel which never happens in this game.


  • Nic727
    81 posts Member
    Also the fact that some people are camping the heroes power up? I don’t understand how my team or enemy team can get 3 heroes at the same time while I can’t even find where the power up spawn...

    Another thing I don’t understand is people one hit kill while being a hero... I got a hero the other day and it took me 4-5 hits to kill someone...
  • Iceninja
    450 posts Member
    Most of the nerfs need to be undone, and they need to bring back knockback for attacking a blocking hero
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