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New VO lines for troopers?

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Hello there.

In the "Where are those droidekas?" community update video, near the end Denis says: "And more ways to play the game." and just after that, a clone says: "More on the way!". Now most people just pass that off as a little line to fit the video, but if you think about it why would Dee Bradley Baker come all the way to Dice just to say "More on the way!"?
Likewise earlier in the trailer , hard to hear but another clone says "More enemies incoming!" almost proving my point,
and it's not like Denis says: "And more enemies to the clones on the way." or anything like that.
So my conclusion, in the near future, new VO lines will be added for troopers, and quite soon seeing as Dee Bradley Baker has already said at least a couple lines.

But what do you think?
Tell me in the discussion bellow.
But that's all for today, have a nice day! :)
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    FYI: It was right at the beginning when you're the 1st person Droideka when the clone ways: "More enemies incoming!".
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