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[PS4] Looking for a clan for CS and SA

I'm 20, have a mic and play a few times a week in CEST timezone. Looking for a clan that doesn't force you to be active all the time as I have more things to do, but can be strategic when in battle. Contact me if this fits your clan, as I don't like to share my PSN in the open.


  • I am trying to get the 21st Nova Corps started but we are kinda like a Milsim in other words following orders is preferable if interested My discord is CT-6652 Trench#8374
  • Doesn't require much activity due to I'm not on much
  • I'm in a 212 Attack Battalion, We use discord for text communication, and we use PSN party for in-game communication. You don't need to be quite active, like at least 1 or 2 ops a month. And we have them like, 3 or 4 a week (mostly) if you're interested contact me on PSN: WVCMitchel
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