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Star Wars Battlefront (2015) Heroes & Villians Question.

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I got a question that I have been meaning to ask lol. How come heroes & villains don't have HOK (Health on kill) in this game?

I was watching old trailers & beta gameplay videos of 2015 and noticed heroes & villains had a health system similar to the classics, your health depleted overtime when playing as a hero or villain and killing enemies recharged the health. I am kind of wondering why was that system removed in favor of the current hero health in the 2015?

Also noticed there used to be hero health pickups if you were playing as a hero. So a bit wondering why those were removed as well. Only thing I can think of from reading the old patch notes they made the heroes stronger and have higher defenses.

Though I am just wondering what was the reason for removing the launch health system in favor of making heroes stronger & have higher defenses and health?

Also why was bossk left with a health on kill ability? I mean I played walker assault in skirmish (I know skirmish is terrible for something like this) I decided to choose bossk to see why he was OP I just stood in the middle of enemy fire being shot at killing everyone I was literally at the front of the line in the enemies faces. Not running away or anything and pretty much had 100% health the whole skirmish match even though I pretty much was getting shot at point blank by all the enemy's bots. So now I see why everyone chooses bossk pretty much unkillable/invincible. Unless you pretty much have the whole team focusing on him (especially since it would be a lot better than well bots lol)

Also I am not complaining just wondering why or if there was any reason ever stated for all the changes or why they left bossk invincible.
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