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Me waiting for dice to add some new trooper weapons for each class



  • Play the default blasters in GA on every class.

    There's good variety there.
  • JMaster
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    Play the default blasters in GA on every class.

    There's good variety there.

    It'd be nice if they had modifications, I don't get why they don't have them. Come to think of it, I don't know why the attachments are absolutely necessary to perform well with the blasters. I'd prefer a give-and-take system, where while a mod gives you a boost in one area it decreases something else. They have the right idea with Explosive Shot (I'd say Ion Shot too but I HATE the point gain against vehicles), but the Reduced Recoil and Increased Cooling mods are pretty essential on every gun. How many people actually play the SE-44C with a Night Vision scope instead of the more impactful Cooling and Recoil mods?
    "I felt there was a large amount of human chauvinism... also I felt very bad that at the end the Wookie didn't get a medal also... oh, all the people got medals but the Wookie who had been in there fighting all the time, didn't get any medal, and I thought that was an example of Anti-Wookie discrimination." - Carl Sagan on the subject of Star Wars
    He knew.
  • Relmets
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    lowell wrote: »
    I think this was something that was supposed to go on the last big CT but Lucasfilm must haven't approved it until after that CT was published so he must've just gotten green light to go ahead then.

    Disney and Lucasfilm has had more power over EA and DICE on adding content and making major changes to this game than the last game (probably due to the launch incident).

    This is something we should keep an eye out for CTs about next year's content, not now because this overhaul might take a considerable amount of time to implement.
    I guess we'll see

    It would be highly unprofessional if they were being sarcastic like this.
    But the cheeky "making it even worse" statement definitely makes one wonder whether this is meant to be taken seriously as a whole or partly or not at all.

    Yeah seemed kind of offhanded or dismissive to me. I'm not really optimistic either way, but maybe something will worthwhile will come out of it.

    I mean they haven't even done a round of balancing feedback just to sort out some of the lackluster, already-existing weapons. Unless I missed it
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  • With Modern Warfare coming out and me likely to buy it, this could be the motivation I need to bring me back to this game
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