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Obi-Wan Kenobi Tweaks.

114 posts Member
Obi-Wan Kenobi is one of the best defensive heroes in the game. If I recall correctly I saw on a stats page that he can block 25 lightsaber strikes and 46 blaster shots but I think that he should have more stamina. Although he does have a boost card called ‘Perfect Defense or Perfect Defence’, which gives him 40% more stamina at blocking lightsabers and blasters if I’m right in saying that.

It would be nice if the devs give him more stamina at blocking lightsabers and blaster shots without using that boost card, so he would truly be the defensive master. I mean Darth Vader to my knowledge can block 46 blaster shots and 92 with ‘Focused Rage’ active. I’m not exactly sure how many saber swings he can block (possibly 14?)

Also, I’ve noticed when Kenobi uses his ‘All Out Push’ ability he is able to get affected by force powers. It’s only but fair for him not to be affected by force powers as when Vader uses his ‘Choke’ ability, he may take damage from heroes using force powers (e.g. Luke’s ‘Push’ or Kenobi’s Push) but he is not pushed by their force powers.
So the same should go for Kenobi.


  • Kenobi is really underwhelming, hurts to say that since he's my top Jedi mang. His defensive rush is a bad Rey Dash, his mindtrick is GOOD and his All Out Push is probably one of the least effective force powers in the game.
  • BlueBox5
    114 posts Member
    It would also be good if he could deflect blaster shots more accurately in some way if that’s possible, during his ‘Defensive Rush’.
  • BlueBox5
    114 posts Member
    Furthermore, it would be very good if Kenobi could deflect blaster shots even more accurately, so that enemy shooters may think twice about shooting him.
  • RadecGV
    17 posts Member
    Kenobi needs running block as passive instead of defensive rush and defensive rush needs to be replaced with Sai-tok
  • Running block would make sense. I always thought Maul would have something similar.

  • BlueBox5
    114 posts Member
    RadecGV said:
    Kenobi needs running block as passive instead of defensive rush and defensive rush needs to be replaced with Sai-tok
    ‘Kenobi needs running block as passive...’ Now that’s what I call a great idea!
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