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Just Get Rid Of The Hero Limit

313 posts Member
The game is already unbalanced with the 4000BP cost and having up to 4 Heroes per map. Having all Heroes available won't change the match outcomes.


  • Claire
    22 posts Member
    No but it will be a nusence to us who can't afford a hero or all heros are in use
  • Claire
    22 posts Member
    edited July 15
    If anything when they remove the limit is to nerf hero and. Vilian damages to class characters like Assault Heavy ect and increase the damage to enemy heros and vilians like Luke or Vader.
    And for not reinforcement class characters get a damage buff to enemy heros or vilians to stabilize the game play some
  • Cyro
    211 posts Member
    are you MAD? heroes are the absolute gamebreaker and you want to unleash all of them just because you are impatient to get a Hero???

    Just wait for a slot to become free! usually i get to play a hero every match of capital supremacy at least once! just wait, for christ sake! you're one of those players who dont like spawn-timers because he can't wait like 5 seconds, right?
  • vonVile
    313 posts Member
    edited July 19
    The game as already broken with GA being HvV with a bunch of cannon fodder.  The only way to fix GA is to raise the BP back to the way it was at launch and go back to BF1 rules of 1 Hero per side. I'm tired of seeing OP Heroes like Anakin and Yoda or Palaptine with somebody else pair up on the first phase of maps stopping the game before its even allowed to start or squash an entire map dominating through the whole thing.
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