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Spawn as Vehicle Driver when playing Vehicle (Battlefield 1 Like)

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This is actually really Simple:

You spawn as an AT-RT or AT-ST and you leave the vehicle. Imagine you having the correct skin then! In Battlefield 1 you play as a Tank Driver or a Pilot when leaving your chosen Tank or Airplane. You could do this with Battlefront 2 as well.

AT-RT Driver (also riding the walker when spawning it)

AT-ST driver (Playable when abandoning a damaged AT-ST)

I know that those grey jumpsuits are already in the game. They were on Vardos in the imperial Campaign. Just give them the imperial Officer Helmet and let us play them when leaving an AT-ST. This would add skins without breaking the immersion because when you see an AT-Driver it's always something irregular and special. and you know this player just lost a walker.


  • Definitely agree with that. Vehicle drivers not being their own class actually creates this disparity: it is always better to spawn as an officer with the power that makes nearby allies heal faster. In the safety of your armored vehicle, you will be healing nearby allies as if you were an on-foot officer and rolling in mad points. I mean that is a cool thing to be able to do for sure, but that should be like a special tank driver ability, not something the officer carries over into the vehicle he spawned in to drive. And then yeah it looks ridiculous when someone bails out of an AT-ST and they are a heavy stormtrooper ready to put a shield on and blast fools. Plus it encourages people to bail out of vehicles prematurely.

  • Claire
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    edited July 17
    Modders done this already by reskinning the imperial officers and replacing Iden and plasma
  • Cyro
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    i dont think people would sacrafice an AT-ST just to run arround with a certain skin.

  • Being a heavy trooper is what would make them sacrifice an AT-ST.

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