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Suggestions for DICE’s upcoming Battlefront 3

Hey all, I know it’s still a little early to be discussing about DICE’s next instalment for the Battlefront franchise, let alone if there’s officially going to be one. But for a while now I’ve been really wanting to spread to word of what I think could well and truly be the ultimate Battlefront game. But before I go any further, I’d really just to to acknowledge what an incredible game EA’s Star Wars Battlefront 2 is, it is still by far a must play if you haven’t already, and it has only gotten better over the few years, and I’m looking forward to seeing what else DICE has in store for us!
Now back to what I was saying, I’m sure people have heard plenty about this in the past, but I feel it is worth mentioning again. Not sure if anybody remember the canceled Star Wars Battlefront 3 game being developed by Free Radicle Design back in 2006-2008. Well if you haven’t, let me inlighten you. This game was by far going to be the mother of all Star Wars games. This game was a basically an open world ground to space MMO game. Ground to spare meaning all within the one fight, one match you could fight on ground and in space all simultaneously. Not only that, you had fully flyable capital ships, with fully built interiors in which you could navigate through. You could head all the way up to the command deck, you could jump on the massive cannons on the side of the ship like you see in Star Wars 3 revenge of the sith... and if all else fails and you ship begins to crash in to the planet below (which it does) you can jump straight into an escape pod and shoot yourself planet side. All this in the one match one fight. Not to mention the maps were huge! As stated in an internal document in which  managed to get a hold of, the internal slogan found for Free Radicles Battlefront 3 was “Battlefront with no limits”. So I bring to you a copy of this document for all of you to read and hopefully DICE will see, and maybe they can take what was once done but never finished, and make it there own in the next Battlefront game they develop.

This internal document was linked online but has since been taken down, but never fear as I managed to copy and paste all of it into a google doc which I’ll link below for you all to see. Thanks guys, see you on the Battlefront.


    209 posts Member
    We all know the game will be incomplete 
  • Lyc4n
    749 posts Member
    I think this is probably too big but i definitly think dice can step it up from capital supremacy. if they increase the player count to 40vs40
    include a lot more bots
    have vehicles spawn on the map rather than as reinforcements.
    you could have a capital supremacy where flying up to the capital ship happens at the same time as the conquest and destroying the capital ship could have an effect, although not winning the game, it could for example remove all flying vehicles for the team that lost their capital ship.

    this would be the flagship mode, the ultimate experience, no matter what you like about star wars, you could do it in a meaningfull way in this game mode which would contribute to taking the command posts and winning overall. 

    Your not forced to fight in the capital ship, your nor forced to fly, your not forced to capture command points. 
  • Cyro
    211 posts Member
    spawning in vehicles is fine, it prevents players from vehicle-camping in the base. but you should be able to LEAVE your vehicle any time and re-enter it.
  • Lyc4n
    749 posts Member
    Ide like vehicles to always be there so you can get in it with friends and others can get in it
  • Battlefront should strive to be more like Battlefield, especially with the vehicles, where you spawn in a tank as a tank driver class and have multiple seats.
    It's sad that Elite Squadron on the PSP was a more ambitious game, as you had ground to space battles in that, but only as an 8v8 which definitely left a lot to be desired. Plus the capital ship interior was just the hanger and a control room. Still, Capital Supremacy feels like a mockery of the entire concept, as you don't fly ships at all and just leave the Conquest gametype via cutscene to start doing Galactic Assault in the capital ship. Dumb!
  • Cyro
    211 posts Member
    Battlefront SHOULD be a Battlefield in Star Wars Universe! Because thats all the original Battlefront was all about! Just a Battlefield-Copy! So why forcing it to be so different? In a negative way? No ammo, sidearms, dynamic vehicles, classic conquest, aim-down-sights and stuff!! by missing all this content you're not adding to the game by making it "unique" or "different", no! you're taking away features, making the game less of an experience!
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