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HvV new content ideas! For example; Hero Showdown 4vs4

I accidentally put this same Topic to Gameplay-topics! after that noticed this forum!

What about respawning system which you spawn only with full team! A bit like Showdown but 4vs4, without round ending (Heroes vs villains)? Or maybe it could be own gamemode! Hero showdown 4vs4! It could propably make HvV more challenging and fun and new styles and ways to play HvV content in this game!

I love playing hero showdown, because you get like really eliminated for that round! But I would like to play this way also in 4vs4 or 3vs3. It would make HvV more fresh for this side of game, which haven't got a lot of new content. Also more strategy into mode!

I am also those rare people who liked the target system! So, I propose that maybe it could be added as its own gamemode! Like "hero Hunt" or "Hero Bounty". It would not disturb those who likes new "tdm HvV" because it would still be its own gamemode. But us who likes more or wants variations to game would be able to play this old HvV mode!



  • It would be nice to have a mode where you can pick any hero or villain on your team. For example, it would be interesting to see a team with Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader against Kyle Ren and Rey. Maybe 4v4 would be great for that mode too. 
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