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Data Transfer

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Ever since battlefront 2 released in 2017. The game has been one of my favorites. The game is more compelling than it was before. I salute the workers at DICE who put in hard work to make the game.

However, with the arrival of the new consoles at the end of next year and high expections from Sony and Microsoft. There are a lot of players on PlayStation and Xbox who want the choice/ability to copy their hard earned game data between consoles regardless of the side.


Xbox to PlayStation

PlayStation to Xbox

With more games coming at the end of this year and with games ending and arriving in the future, Star Wars Battlefront II is never going to stop growing, with content coming for all eras,(currently The Clone Wars era). The game is better than before and allowing data to be transferred between consoles regardless of the side would be a valued choice for console players. I hope that DICE will make this a reality.

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