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Forest of Endor

Block Breaker for lightsaber user

To help balance lightsaber dueling all saber users need the ability to block and enemy's guard. It will help lightsaber users stay in the fight longer. It is like Anakin's passionate strike. But it can be used three times before recharge.


  • OcDoc
    1956 posts Member
    Maybe you are right maybe not but I will share a little secret so don’t tell ANYONE...

    To break their block, wait till a teammate is nearby and then draw the opponent’s attention toward you and as you block your teammate will obliterate them from behind. 

    Then you will have a numbers advantage and can go wreck the rest of their team for the entirety of the rest of the match. 

    Please keep this to yourself, it is confidential. 
  • Noted and did you see my other post?
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