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Server Browser and matchmacking

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It can be quite frustuating when you cant play map with  your favorite era, and not only that, there is no way of telling if its second round or not when you get on the map, and if the stars themselves aligned, you will be on the team you wanted and neither side gets steamrolled. So, why not add a paramater, that will be able to create a certain value, based on players levels for each charater and extrapolate in a number that will be sort of "checksum", that will allow matchmacking system to more less random with the teams, pulling even amount of tops, medium and new players for the game. This will also may help with balancing things out. 

Another thing to solve the map and faction preferance problem - add server browser, so people can choose server with open spots in the team the want, with map they like and comfortable ping. You may tell that some maps will just die out or no one will be wanting to join a game where you will be part of a loosing team. But its certainly much better that FORCING people into loosing game, isnt it? On the other side, it will also prevent "joining on victory" accidents, when you just joined and you immideatly loose/win, by adding phase display for each server. This game is fun, but litetarly everything must fall into right place to make this game actualy fun to play, even with all those amazing chars and vehicels to play.
To the other news: most of the copmanies shares worth, that were specialising in construcing power converters are plummeting due to the closure of several stations that had been distributing them troughout the galaxy. Market analytics indicates that all of them were closed because of an apperant lack of demand for them on the galaxy market.
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