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Weapons and Weapon development

So as a lot of the community has requested and the development team had said they'd invest before the games launch was new weapons would be coming regularly after's been two years now and yes we've had bumps along the development path like the progression system and lightsaber combat fixes but many of the community would like to know the progression on weapon development when the team is back from their holiday!

One of the pros of Battlefront 2015 was that despite not having many maps or heroes, it was weapons galore! So many different types and unique styles, heck you could even equip different era starting blasters to different factions! Now currently we have 24 unique faction weapons that could be given to any of their specific classes with potentially little work and possibly even attachments to those weapons for a great starting leap to introducing more weapons and mods but have been locked down to strict "wardrobe".

I honestly miss the open customization you had in 2015 with weapons and cards and while the class system we have now isn't a horrible thing, the lack of gameplay style is :C 

Let the community as a whole know down below if you would love more weapons to return or arrive on the Battlefront, feedback is amazing in what it's done for this game (LOOK AT THE HEALTH CARDS! <3)

And remember "Hope cannot save them!"


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