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IMPROVE MODEL: Make Count Dooku taller

Hello. After lot of time playing the game and seeing Count Dooku in the games, I have to say that it is a pity to see how the model is made. Count Dooku in the game is as tall as other characters like Anakin or Luke.

Remember that Christopher Lee was 1,96m, and Hyden Christensen is around 1,85m and Ewan McGregor around 1,75m.

That difference could be apreciated in the films very well, in the combats and some scenes. But here, in the game, where the model appearance has been very well care, you can see this evident error.

It can seem an stupid thing, but for example, imagine a Yoda model that is as tall as Darth Vader. It would be horrible. The details are important and a seal of quality.

So, please, it would be great if you fix this and make Count Dooku model a little bigger than others.

Thank you for your attention.


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