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Lightsaber respect

This problem of lightsaber dodges started with a lazy community that felt they should take a trooper and go head to head with a hero…foolish. 

As a trooper your strength is your team, stay at a distance, use explosives, shoot from different spots and angles, reload and rely on team, challenging a lightsaber hero block from a distance, however if they are skilled with deflection more power to them. 

Return the saber system to where you had it before the number system, different blast with different ranges shouldn’t all be counted or blocked as the same as it is now on the new number system. 


You did this to pander to the Heros vs Villans players, and while that seemed like a good idea, it wasn't 

Your not Jedi outcast, or force unleashed, your a blaster heavy game…to that end the lightsaber needs to be as canonically authentic as possible for this type of game. Blasters dominate from a distance, saber wielders should mostly in melee range, they should not be meleed by someones forearm while blocking with the saber

Give the lightsaber its respect

The explosive shot should be deflected but with additional stamina cost.

Speeder blasters should be deflectable, or modify them so the rider can be more vulnerable to force powers.

If you can figure out a way to make vehicle speed appropriate kills be more realistic than cheap..that be great

Stagger the dodges between classes, the infiltrator having three dodges was an outstanding idea, consider though staggering the dodges between the base classes and maybe changing recharge rate, perhaps the specialist and assault can stay the same but the officer and heavy can have a slightly increased delay between their 2 dodges..

 Have a lightsaber swing absorb 1 dodge, when being dodged perhaps you can add this as a passive ability to certain lightsaber heroes


  • bfloo
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    Saber users should take splash damage from explosive shot, it would explode on contact with the blade.
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  • Thanks for putting the stamina system back, I wonder if we can get the saber to deflect speeders though
  • There really needs to be a rule about thread necromancy around here.
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