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Kenobi event I didn't get my rewards

12 posts Member
I played the community event on Obi-Wan Kenobi on July 18-21, but today I wanted to get my reward, it didn't show up. My gameplay was in Heroe vs Villains, to help more in the event, like I also did it with Darth Maul and that I did get my rewards.

Today that I signed in to Origin, the game gave me my reward from General Grievous but not Kenobi's. I contacted you by chat but they couldn't help me solve it, they asked me to write this message to get a solution.

I looked for help through the Chat but they couldn't solve my problem, so they asked me to create a report in the "bugs" section and another in this section so you could help me.



  • Don't feel so bad, I took part in the event for Leia's outfit from A New Hope and I got screwed out of that too
  • GeVAN
    12 posts Member
    These things that happen don't make sense, they just have to look that you signed in on the set dates and voila.

    But these DICE guys are incompetent and plus they censor you by telling them the truth and delete people comments.

    I hope one day you can get the outfit, because it's beautiful.

    Greetings friend.
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