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December CC

The Separatist's AT-RT one of the Droid back bones of the CIS Army the DSD1 Dwarf Spider Droid.

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edited August 2 <- Video from ( MetaNerdz Lore ) giving a brief history of the DSD1 Dwarf Spider Droid.
This is a photo from in game which only proves my point we just need these back ground Droids to be playable! The DSD1 Dwarf Spider Droid was basically the backbone of the CIS Army and one of the most well rounded Droids on the battle field. It can fight troops with more frequent shots for anti-personnel and a more charged shot for anti-vehicle the same as the AT-RT's main ability but for the Dwarf Spider this would be a bit more powerful I mean look at it, its basically a walking & thinking reactor with a gun like the OG-9 Homing Spider Droid in the background <- the OG-9 should also be playable! The DSD1 Dwarf Spider was water proof, it could scale walls, make its way through cramped tunnels. It was used in literally every CIS engagement across the Clone Wars this Droid would be more common to see than a Droideka the Dwarf Spider Droid would be as common to see as a B2 protecting inside ships, defending and patrolling defensive positions/bases they were even used to protect their city's and strike fear into recently conquered planets! They could easily shoot down star fighters even after the clone wars ended it wouldn't be an odd site to see the Dwarf Spider still in use under the Empire with new Empire markings mainly at space ports to shoot down any fleeing ships. I think this Droid could be added to the Separatists line up since its already in the game just please let us play all the Droids stuff that was added already they just need to be playable Dwarf Spider Droid, OG-9 Homing Spider Droid, Snail Tank, even the Hailfire Droid for Geonosis!


  • what a cute little fella
  • I agree and i demand this too.

  • it abilities could be:
    1) overload canon, gives it higher damage with AoE
    2) self repair
    3) scan

    and on top of that give it the possibility to climb tall rocks and buildings, at least vertically but keep it slow to move.
  • I think if you throw the OG-9 in, they might want to consider a Galactic Assault based around the CIS making an attack against the clones and the OG-9s can stand in as the Armor class. Only saying this to round out usage. But I definitely agree these little guys should be playable.
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