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Weapon selecting options for certain units! As well as new ideas!


Today, I'd like to discuss the weapons of some units and how we can tweak the mechanic a little bit to make it customizable for everyone's pleasing.

My first example is: "ARC Troopers" 
As dual weapons were godlike when they first came, now it changed to feel like it isn't worth using arc trooper anymore unless when you are on defense which is where ARC's shine and can hold the corridors etc. quite a while before going down.  
What do I suggest? 
As you now, most of the ARC troopers we've seen in ROTS 2003 and 2008 uses variety of weapons.
Fives and Rex use DC-17. Fives used DC-15S also.
Bly uses DC-15A Rifle
Echo uses DC-15S 
Rancor Battalion(Colt, Blitz, Hammer, Havoc) all uses different weapons. Havoc even used DC-15A, DC-15S and DC-17 duals all three.
ARC-77 used dual blasters etc.

2-Standart troopers can be issued with standart blasters of all classes of course they won't be able to get high-end weapons but it'd be great news for those platoon players to remake ESB Hoth scene and RoTJ endor scenes as well as Clone Wars moments such as heavy class 212th phase 1, being Commander Cody with DC-15A blaster rifle. 

3-with this idea Jet troopers can have duals and/or DC-15A variations to compensate the environmental conditions.
Rocket Troopers can have fast firing weapons or slow and strong hitting weapons of their choice if they are fighting in urban or rural areas. Close quarter or long-range fights etc.

Reinforcement weapons are always era locked so you won't see a stormtrooper carrying a FWMB-10K and be like "wtf that's not accurate??"

These tweaks are quick and simple to implement as dual wielding is now a real thing. 
All the animations exist and it'll calm down the community request for new weapons and attachments until they are developed or so! 

This is the most basic stuff to do, I'd like to hear your ideas too! 
We can further discuss the possibility of attachments and weapons to come or what other new stuff can be changed to make things more appealing, such as gaining rank mid-game to unlock commanding pings for the troopers to organize better around the objective! 
Customizable helmets, kama, shoulder pads etc. 


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