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November Community Calendar

Star Wars forum roleplay

Lets make a Star Wars scene with made up characters, but first we need to make the characters


Name: Alpha 35
Sex: Male
Specie: Human
Age: 13 (physically 26)
Faction: Republic, Skirata


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  • Spiito
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    ((Out Of Character / OOC: Neat. ))
    Name: [It's limited archives appear to be tampered with. The designation recorded in it's files read as; Supreme Popsicle Machine.] Nicknamed 'Supi' for short.
    Sex: ((Questionable)) Masculine programming.
    Species: Class 5 ((/*4 //*3)) Droid. [It's affixed with what appears to be mining and mineral extraction equipment... However, the drill-like limbs being as sharp and stained as they are suggests the droid was re-purposed away from labor intensive tasks that would've otherwise dulled it's pointed extremities. The mechanical entity permeates a sickly sweet scent with an underlying odor of iron and mud.]
    Age: Manufacture date unspecified. [Outwardly it's structural appearance implies it has existed long enough to require some replacement parts and a fresher coat of paint. Pearly ebony which coats it presently, has chipped away over time, visually exposing an older, faded, yellow, matte color beneath. ]
    Faction: Unregistered. [Likely stolen property. ]

    Supi Pops Machine lays askew among a pile of indistinguishable ship debris. Not far away from the droid's position, are the scant remains of genetic material. Failed clone DNA glazes the surrounding wreckage hues of red, speckled with adherent ash.
  • JayDeeWill
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    edited August 22

    Name: Jimmy-John Binks

    Sex: Please

    Species: The hot kind

    Age: The hottest age

    Faction: Pi Kappa Alpha

    Jimmy-John Binks pop out of the wreckage, wearing an unbuttoned dress shirt with no undershirt, his muscular chest is exposed, his shorts are kahkis, his sandalds slipping off, his hat backwards showing his rebellious style. He's holding a six pack, with a miller beer in his hand.

    "Hey hot stuff ya wanna kiss me ya coward?"

    Steam: |CG|Jdwill
    Origin: Jay_Dee_Wills
  • Spiito
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    edited August 22
    (( OOC: Tote's imagined that post in Internet Historian's voice. ))

    Wreckage spontaneously disperses as a new arrival literally erupts from it. Debris clatters all around the individual who boisterously vocalizes into the (nearly abandoned) unspecified location. For a moment his words echo through the silence... Then J.J's met with nothing more than the metallic sound of ship remnants grinding into place and resting again.

    As scrap falls upon the motionless droid's head, a small clanking noise makes itself audible.

    The unconscious mechanical entity is not swayed by the sudden appearance of what could likely be described as a handsome, multidimensional, traveler. Unfortunately for J.J. Binks; one's level of attractiveness doesn't activate droids. Without a power source physically imposed upon him, Supi remains motionless, in need of recharging.
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