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December CC

Obi-Wan needs work

Obi-Wan’s ‘All-Out Push’ still cancels out.
I think I got choked by Vader while performing this ability earlier, which shouldn’t be the case because of an update.

His ‘Restrictive Mind Trick’ doesn’t work sometimes (I think the enemies affected can’t dodge but they can sometimes use their abilities, which should not happen).

I also think Obi-Wan should get the ability to deflect blaster shots more accurately with his lightsaber. I find he is able to deflect blaster shots well that are being continually fired at him, e.g. someone shooting him with a TL 50 but not so good when someone shoots him with a sniper or semi-automatic blasters. If a Commando droid shoots Obi-Wan with their E-5 blaster just once and Kenobi is blocking with the tiny reticle on the Commando droid, that shot should go straight back to the droid no matter what the distance. Obi-Wan should be the only character able to do this.

In my opinion he is the worst saber user on the light side and possibly the hardest to use. Kenobi has the potential to be a really decent hero. Dice please fix him and give him what I asked for in terms of blocking blaster fire more accurately.

Thank you for reading.
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