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December CC

Sidious Chain Lightning

308 posts Member

Can anybody tell me since which update Sidious Chain Lightning can break through blocks?
He is doing this to me against a foe!


  • It may well have been in the game since launch, although I’m not fully sure, but it does do 120 damage even if you are blocking.
  • TiNie
    308 posts Member
    yes, damage stay the same with and without block. I always got damage thorugh a block, but if I am sidious no damage is done through blocks. How is this possible?
  • Maybe it just seems that way to you.

    When I use Vader’s ‘Choke’ it feels like it takes forever to cool down but when I play against Vader sometimes, it feels that the player has the choke more often than me.

    Maybe it’s just the way you feel.
  • TiNie
    308 posts Member
    Maybe, maybe a bug, maybe a hack or the game just dont like me.
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