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December CC

This entire game needs fixed

How is this game even playable at the minute with all of these bugs? Absolutely pathetic! On console I couldn’t roll earlier and couldn’t sprint, even though I tried to. The abilities that don’t work, the aim drift glitch on console! This game needs kill switched and fixed! How is this game fun?


  • Thats... some decent points, dammit! DICE WHEN!? When Battlefront 2 (2017) ™ will be great again? Why you havent learned, that your ACTION HAVE CONSEQUENSES!? I'm tired of asking, again and again "bug fix when". This game should be about fighting the battles we want, a turly tirple A game, dammit! Where can take ques for their favorite heroes instead of sitting on the menu. A game of fun, not promises! A place where you wont have to wait, until the map you want comes around in the rotation! And screw that arcade starfighter nonsense, and chickensh*t preq maps! Fu** AlL oF iT!11
    To the other news: most of the copmanies shares worth, that were specialising in construcing power converters are plummeting due to the closure of several stations that had been distributing them troughout the galaxy. Market analytics indicates that all of them were closed because of an apperant lack of demand for them on the galaxy market.
  • Dice please!
  • camerog
    247 posts Member
    I haven't expereinced anything like what you describe. Works great for me.
  • I get about half the problems you describe and some other ones......seems like my lightsaber is not really connecting anymore or it's swinging through the target and missing more often not, even though the enemy isn't blocking.  Even on blaster heroes.
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