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Unique Coruscant Capital Supremacy

My idea for Coruscant Capital Supremacy would be a unique cross between Capital Supremacy and Space Assault from the original Battlefront II. 

Space Phase: In the beginning there would be 4 ship classes to choose from. Fighter, bomber, interceptor, and shuttle. The shuttle would be a new, unique ship that could be piloted by two people. It would be the LAAT and the HMP Droid Gunship. One is the pilot, and the other is the gunner. The pilot controls the ship. It's primary attack is it's two front laser cannons. It's abilities are linked fire, missiles, and afterburner. The missiles could be fired rapidly, and were only useful against objectives as they don't lock on. The gunner would fire and aim the shuttles main gun, and have the same abilities the LAAT has in galactic assault. The shuttle would be a slow but powerful ship. 6 of each ship will be available except for the shuttle, which of only one is available. While in space you would have to destroy your opponent's cruiser escorts (Republic Attack Cruiser and Separatist Landing Craft) and then disable their capital ship's hangar shield gate. (Like in Revenge of the Sith)

Capital Ship Phase: Once one team's hangar shield gate is disabled, both teams now have the options to also spawn as troopers. They can spawn in their own capital ship to defend it, or on the other teams ship if they have landed their shuttle in it, which acts like a spawn point when landed. You can still spawn as a ship to land in the other teams ship. (Note: If your teams hangar shield is destroyed, you can still try to destroy your opponents, but if your entire team does this, it will leave your capital ship vulnerable. Each capital ship has 15 AI which will only spawn as troopers, either on their own ship, or on the enemy ship if their is a shuttle landed their. Once inside the enemy's ship, you have to override the ships controls and destroy the critical systems, just like in Capital Supremacy.

Ground Phase: Once one of the capital ships is destroyed, it crashed in to Coruscant, while both teams are inside it. Both teams now have to try to capture command posts to gain reinforcements. This part plays out like the ground phase of Capital Supremacy on other maps, but with the battle taking place on Coruscant. The team who destroyed the enemy capital ships starts with three out of the five command posts captured. The other team with two. If the team who won the Space and Capital Ship phase wins the ground phase they win. If they lose the ground phase, then the battle goes back to space.

Back to Space: If this happens, the team who just won the ground phase now has 100 troops (tickets) to destroy the enemy ship. If they run out of tickets they lose. If they destroy the ship, the battle goes to the ground for one final battle. (Note: Any previous damage or destruction of cruiser escorts and capital ship critical systems remains, but the hangar shield gate goes back to full health.

Final Ground Battle: If the battle goes back to the ground for a second time, the team who just destroyed their enemy's capital ship starts with the majority of the command posts, but this time the first to 100 reinforcements wins.

This may be confusing, so if you have any questions please ask them. I will answer.


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  • Reduce number of phases to 3 - Space, Ship and Ground and that will be perfect. We already have starfighters, and macking gunships playable would be certainly quite nice, althoug i feel that they should be more like "air enforcers" and, maybe, be akin to snowspeeder on Hoth, far from obsolete, being able to hover, allowing to use all of its weapons. Having 2 seats would be neat, but it might not work with the way how every reinforcement is played. Dice have decided to make sure that player have full control, instead of waiting for other players to take the place in the vehicle. It greatly reduces amount of teamowork in the game and rip out that amazing chemistry of seamlessly whole controlling the same vehicle, as it happening in Battlefields, but if you able to have whole vehicle for yourself, thats pretty neat too.
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  • I'd be happier if you could choose to battle in space or ground and freely transition between these stages, knowing that leaving your comrades alone in space or ground could cost the whole battle. Space is dominated? Good, all enemy forces must retreat to the planet and fight on ground. Ground is dominated? Time to join your friends in space and board enemy ship.
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  • I agree making it only three phases would be better. The shuttle as an air enforcer is a good idea. As for making it so you can freely transition between ground and space, this might be hard to balance, but if DICE could, I do think it would be fun.
  • If they put a limit of players in space and on the ground it could work. It's just like selecting a special class or hero. If the number of players that select them exceeds the max amount in space, you gotta choose ground.
    Bounty Hunting is a complicated profession. xiatq16b2epx.png
  • That’s a good idea.
  • Sounds like what Battlefront 3 was supposed to be.
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