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About stun, freeze and shocks

308 posts Member
Hello EA!

I think I am not speaking for myself only, but in my opinion it stuns, shocks and freeze should be broken after maybe 100-200HP damage dealt to the character.
It's like a lightsaber strike breaks Kylo's freeze and oder stuns and shocks seems to share the same behavior, but Blaster fire or eben Boba's rockets can kill you almost with full health.
Pls balance this by setting everybody free after 100-200HP damage independent of the weapon that is used.
By the way, I would expand this to vaders choke too.
Maybe the limit for soldiers is 200HP and for epic charakters its 150HP, that is almost the amout of 1 lightsaber hit.


  • OcDoc
    2021 posts Member
    Been brought up before and the damage limit can be debated but I do think it is a good idea. 

    I can’t think of a downside. 
  • I don’t agree.
  • TiNie
    308 posts Member
    BlueBox5 wrote: »
    I don’t agree.

    I mean, isn't it annoying if Vader chokes you and Boba is firing his rockets and the choken ones, that they get killed with this?
    And if they won't change this, then don't let lightsaber strikes and maybe other things/abilites, break the shock, freeze or stun. If you want to let it be like it is, then it should all be done like it is with blaster. This should be balanced, because force users are really in disadvantage with this.
    Thx and Greetings.
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