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Community Transmission
December CC

Luke Speed Nerf

I understand he was underpowered before, but now he's just too plain fast. In the time most characters can attack (with lightsabers) once, he's already hit you 3 times. Add on his ability to rag doll you with not just one, but TWO abilities, and he is honestly just a pain to deal with. He can run forever with dodges and rushes, he can ledge kill you with his other two abilities, and now he can kill you before you even know what's going on, ESPECIALLY when your block breaks from some 1 inch tall environmental "fall", please just reduce his speed. Maybe not all the way, but just some. 


  • I agree in that he swings too fast, since he has one of the fastest (if not the fastest) sprint speed in the game and has by default 2 saber rushes as well.
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