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December CC

Blasters gameplay mechanics need a rework.

It is clear that blasters don't rely only on cooling flush and press the trigger to work properly.
blasters are fed by a power cell and Tibana gas cartridge (hight tech spark and powder in some ways).

The power setting and firing mode selected decide on how fast the power cell's energy and the gas are consumed, which will make interesting to introduce the firing mode selection mods for blasters:

- the semi-auto: will conserve the max damage output at longer ranges but will build a high amount of heat per shots according to its base max damage output (the best example to understand this point is the NT-242).

- burst fire: the base damage output is slightly diminished in order to build a manageable amount of heat per trigger pull.

- full-auto: the damage output doesn't need to be diminished here as all is based upon the overheat resistance, heavy repeaters like the TL-50 or TWD-10k will be able to endure more heat than the CR-2 as the CR-2 as less power per shots.

The blasters base stats will be conserved because they are parts of their uniqueness and it will have versatility, players will still be able to play according to their preferences with their favorite blasters

Which leads us to,

Rate of Fire, Recoil and accuracy, on this points Blasters handles the same way as our Contemporain firearms (aka in the Star Wars universe as Slugthrowers) which you at DICE are qualified at doing.

The more powerful the shot, the more recoil you get, the fastest the bolts leave the barrel the more heat is building up... all this makes make the blaster less accurate and less controllable.

So this must be implemented too, also the rate of fire stat should only apply its restrictions when you hold the trigger for full-auto fire.
If you tap-fire your assault blaster or heavy repeater, you will be able to shoot as fast as you can click, the overheat being your only limitation of shooting.

the generic cooling flush animation could be replaced by specific one for each blaster based on real weapons (STG-44, Sterling, FG-42, MG-34, AR-15/M4/M16, etc...) by using the charging handles as flushing device.

 I am hoping the supposedly coming Clone Commando's and his DC-17M assault blaster (the first officially announced and the second data-mined) will come and introduce the game with a reloading/changing powercell feature (and be available for the assault class in its assault mode version).

-The  Ultimate Visual Guide of Episode II Attack of the Clones, double-page of the DC-15 battle rifle in cut view,
-Star Wars the Clone Wars Season 1 Episode 16: Hidden Enemy in which we can see Cody reload his DC-15 carbine with a new powercell.
-Contemporain firearms knowledge.
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