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December CC

Vader tweaks

Give Vader the ability to one hit kill the basic troopers except heavy with ‘Focused Rage’. Dooku can do that with ‘Duelist’. Anakin and Grievous can do this with boost cards.

Vader needs a buff to his ‘Choke’. The cool down is way too long. It’s about 25 seconds. That is his only “Area Of Effect” ability. Anakin has 3 (including ‘Retribution’). ‘Pull Dominance’ and ‘Heroic Might’ have shorter cool downs than Vader’s ‘Choke’. When Anakin’s abilities work he swings his saber that fast he can land 2 hits in if he gets to the enemy when they fall.

OP Luke has 2 “Area Of Effect” abilities with shorter cool downs than Vader’s ‘Choke’and swings his saber very fast.

Kylo Ren has 2 “Area of Effect” abilities.

Vader needs buffed. Let him one hit kill basic troopers with ‘Focused Rage’ except heavy and buff his ‘Choke’ - Give it a shorter cool down of 15 seconds. This is not overpowered by any means. Have a look at Maul and how fast his abilities cool down (only his ‘Choke Hold’ is longer than the other 2).

The damage of Vader’s ‘Choke’ may also need increased, as it can’t kill the basic troopers with 1 use of it.

Thanks for Reading.
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