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December CC

More galactic assault maps/Geonosis fix

There is so much potential for maps on galactic assault. There needs to be more maps. Dice is giving too much love to capital supremacy and slowly forgetting about galactic assault.

Capital supremacy is getting felucia soon, but let's be honest... you only get to play on the maps for the ground phase... once you go into the capital ships, the layout of the map is always the same. Plus they're all clone wars maps. I love clone wars, but in capital supremacy the heroes are limited to that era.

Galactic assault is where the fight is at. There is more variety in the maps and objectives per map even if the objectives are similar. They should also add felucia to galactic assault, not just capital supremacy. There are also so many other maps they could add to galactic assault such as:

1- Coruscant
2- Bespin
3- Rhen var
4- Mygeeto
5- Jedi temple
6- Mustafar
7- Utapau
8- Scarif
9- Dagobah
10- Polis massa
11- Sullust
12- Christophsis
And many more.

Dice, you want battlefront 2 to do better and be a game that attracts more people? Well this is one way of doing it amongst many.

Also on a side note... fix geonosis. Because besides the fact that the clones have a huge advantage after the 1st phase (unless no one gets into the walkers), the objectives in this map after the 1st phase are boring... nothing more than a walking simulator, even the heroes are useless for the 2nd and 3rd phases.

My suggestion would be to leave the 2nd phase as it is, but change the 3rd phase to something similar to the 2nd phase on kashyyyk to where the clones have to go inside the SPHA-Ts and activate them the same way that the droids do with the behemonths on kashyyyk.

Also maybe add another 2 fuel ships for the 2nd phase because they get destroyed so fast by the walkers, not to mention how if you destroy a walker, sometimes another walker spawns almost right next to the droid fuel ships making it really unfair for the droids.
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